Second Win on the Trot for Cheras BC

Cheras BC downed SS Purple League (SSPL) 2017/18 strugglers, Serdang BC 11-7 to secure their second win of the season during their SSPL 2017/18 Phase 1 match at the Sports Arena Sentosa, Old Klang Road earlier today.

Xu Yiming got Serdang BC off to a good start as the Chinese international defeated Cheras BC’s Yeoh Seng Zoe 3-1 (11-8, 11-8, 10-11, 8-6) in the first match of the tie. But Cheras BC quickly regained the lead as their women’s singles, Grace Chua Hui Zhen recorded her first SSPL 2017/18 win in convincing fashion, defeating Serdang BC’s Huang Qing Hu in straight sets 3-0 (11-2, 11-8, 11-9).

Serdang BC’s Lim Jee Lynn and Pei Tianyi in mixed doubles action during their SSPL 2017/18 Phase 1 match against Cheras BC at the Sports Arena Sentosa, Old Klang Road today.

They extended the lead thanks to their Singaporean men’s doubles pair of Danny Bawa Chrisnanta and Terry Hee Yong Kai who defeated Serdang BC’s Ong Wei Khoon and Tan Jinn Hwa 3-1 (11-8, 11-6, 10-11, 11-7) in the third match of the tie.

Serdang BC struck back in the mixed doubles match to set up a nail-biting finale. Their pair of Pei Tianyi and Lim Jee Lyn beat Cheras BC’s Ahmad Maziri Mazlan and Payee Lim Peiy Yee 3-1 (11-7, 11-8, 2-11, 11-8) to keep their team in the game.

Up stepped Tommy Sugiarto as the World No. 25 dashed Serdang BC’s hope, overwhelming his opponent, Yu Chen 3-0 (11-6, 11-10, 11-) in the last match of the tie and seal a back-to-back win for Cheras BC.

“I am ecstatic and thankful for our win today, more so that I have contributed by winning the last match. I feel at home with Cheras BC as I played for them in 2015. We have many talents in this team and under the guidance of Rashid Sidek, we will work hand-in-hand to secure qualification to the Finals,” said Cheras BC’s key man, Tommy Sugiarto.

Earlier in the day, Puchong United BC showed why they are on top of the pile at the moment as they defeated Kepong BC 12-7 during their SSPL 2017/18 Phase 1 4pm match at the Sports Arena Sentosa.

Puchong United BC’s Liew Daren and Lim Chi Wing of Kepong BC played to a 2-2 (11-6, 11-6, 8-11, 9-11) draw in the first men’s singles before Aya Ohori broke the deadlock as she demolished her Japanese compatriot and Kepong BC’s Sugino Ayaho 3-0 (11-4, 11-3, 11-5).

Lim Khim Wah and Teo Ee Yi then edged Kepong BC’s Chinese Taipei pair of Liao Min Chun and Su Ching Heng in a 3-2 ( 11-9, 8-11, 7-11, 11-10, 8-7) thriller to put Puchong United BC further ahead.

However, Kepong BC rallied to set up a nervy finish for their opponents. Their mixed doubles pair of Cheah Yee See and Nur Mohd Azriyn Ayub registered a shock 3-1 (11-9, 8-11, 11-7, 11-8) win over Puchong United BC’s experienced pair of Lee Hyo Jung and Ong Yew Sin.

But Hong Kong international, Wei Nan delivered for Puchong United BC in style as he beat Kepong BC’s Thai import, Thongnuam Pannawit 3-0 (11-8, 11-5, 11-5) to seal the win for his team in the last men’s singles match.

“Overall I am satisfied. We have strong players in all categories which explains our winning run so far. I think we have done enough to secure qualification to the Finals. So for the last two matches next month, we might rest some of our key players and test out some new ones,” said Puchong United BC’s team manager, Irina Inozemtseva.

“It is important that we keep winning as that will boost one another to perform even better. I want my players to focus in every match that they play as each points count,” added Irina.

SSPL 2017/18 Phase 1 Results (27/12/2017)
(8pm) Serdang BC lost to Cheras BC 7-11
MS2: Xu Yiming bt Yeoh Seng Zoe 3-1 (11-8, 11-8, 10-11, 8-6)
WS: Huang Qing Hu lost to Grace Chua Hui Zhen 0-3 (2-11, 8-11, 9-11)
MD: Ong Wei Khoon-Tan Jinn Hwa lost to Danny Bawa Chrisnanta-Terry Hee Yong Kai 1-3 (8-11, 6-11, 11-10, 7-11)
XD: Lim Jee Lynn-Pei Tianyi bt Ahmad Maziri Mazlan-Payee Lim Peiy Yee 3-1 (11-7, 11-8, 2-11, 11-8)
MS1: Yu Chen lost to Tommy Sugiarto 0-3 (6-11, 10-11, 6-11)

(4pm) Kepong BC lost to Puchong United BC 7-12
MS2: Lim Chi Wing drew with Liew Daren 2-2 (6-11, 6-11, 11-8, 11-9)
WS: Sugino Ayaho lost to Aya Ohori 0-3 (4-11, 3-11, 5-11)
MD: Liao Min Chun-Su Ching Heng lost to Lim Khim Wah-Teo Ee Yi 2-3 (9-11, 11-8, 11-7, 10-11, 7-8)
XD: Cheah Yee See-Nur Mohd Azriyn Ayub bt Lee Hyo Jung-Ong Yew Sin 3-1 (11-9, 8-11, 11-7, 11-8)
MS1: Thongnuam Pannawit lost to Wei Nan 0-3 (8-11, 5-11, 5-11)

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